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Main Course

  1. Vindaloo (feeling!) $17.50
  2. Lamb or beef cook in hot vindalloo sauce .It can be cook to your taste .Medium,Hot or Volcano hot.

  3. Dakshani Jhinga E.Alam $18.50
  4. Prawns cooked in coconut based sauce.

  5. Malabari Machali $17.50
  6. Fish cook in coconut based sauce season with mustard seeds.

  7. Machi Masaldar $17.50
  8. Fish pieces cooked in spicy north Indian style sauce made with onion,tomatoes ginger and garlic

  9. Tandoori Chicken Full $21.95 Half $13.50
  10. Famous Indian full chicken cooked in tandoori served and baked Intandoori oven to perfection.

  11. Tandoori Darbar (Mix Platter) $24.95
  12. Chef’s choice of different kebabs from tandoori served on a sizzler

  13. Chicken Makhani (butter chicken) $16.50
  14. Chicken with attitude. Tandoori chicken cooked in world famous

  15. Garlic Chilli Chicken $17.50
  16. Diced chicken cooked with garlic and green chillies. Beautiful Combination of garlic and chillies

  17. Kadhai Murgh Masala $17.50
  18. Marinated chicken cooked in clay oven and tossed in onion,tomato based sauce.

  19. Shajhani Korma $17.50
  20. Delicately spiced chicken , lamb or beef cooked in very mild Almond and cashew based gravy(Good for beginners)

  21. Murgh Andhra $17.50
  22. Boneless chicken cubes tossed with coconut sauce.

  23. Murgh Sag Wala $17.50
  24. Diced chicken cooked in spinach and tomato based gravy. Can be very mild on request

  25. Gosht Saag Wala $17.50
  26. Tender bite size pieces of lamb cooked in spinach based heavenly sauce

  27. Lamb Rogan Josh $17.50
  28. Famous Indian lamb curry cooked in onion and tomato based sauce, spiced to perfection.

  29. Methi Gosht $17.50
  30. (Dish from Bengal) Choice of lamb or beef or chicken prepared according to your tast

  31. Lamb mango $17.50
  32. Lamb dice tossed in mustard seed and chef special sauce and touch of mango.

  33. Fish lentil
  34. Fish cook in yellow lentil with perfection of chef special spices. Good source of protein.

  35. Beef Andhara $17.50
  36. Beef tossed with curry leaves, cooked in south Indian style.

  37. Beef Mughlay $17.50
  38. Tender diced beef cooked in golden gravy.

  39. Beef Korma $17.50
  40. Diced beef cooked in mild cashew nut based gravy. Mildest Indian.

  41. Beef Veg Masala $17.50
  42. Beef cook in onion and tomato based sauce with vegatable.